RayGen Resources Pty Ltd (RayGen) has been announced on the shortlist for the State Government of New South Wales’ Emerging Energy Program, capital works stream.

RayGen’s shortlisted project will deliver 10MW of solar generation and 5MW/50MWh of storage. This project will provide the National Electricity Market with renewable electricity both day and night and support grid reliability.

RayGen is developing this project in connection with Walcha Energy. Walcha Energy is the largest renewable energy project in the New England REZ with approximately 4,000MW of solar, wind and pumped hydro energy storage in development. RayGen’s innovative technology solution:

  • Delivers lowest cost renewable generation and storage (marginal cost of storage for less than $20/kWh);
  • Produces 99.9% less E-Waste than comparable solar + battery projects;
  • Consumes 50% less water during operation than comparable solar + battery projects;
  • Generates power with a synchronous heat engine (Organic Rankine Cycle);
  • Stores electricity with approx. 70% round-trip efficiency;
  • Has a system design life in excess of 30 years; and
  • Enables grazing agriculture within the solar field

Technology description and video: www.raygen.com/thermal-hydro/

About RayGen

RayGen is the developer and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the Solar Power Plant. RayGen’s Solar Power Plant is a new approach to solar electricity generation and storage. RayGen’s proprietary innovations unlock high performance from a system that is mostly composed of mirrors and water.

The enabling innovation, PV Ultra, is the world’s highest efficiency commercial solar technology and is designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia. PV Ultra has been deployed in 3MW of projects, with power sales since 2015.

RayGen has a capable and experienced team, consisting of over 30 employees in engineering, manufacturing and project management, operations and sales. RayGen has received support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund.

“RayGen’s new product may sound like an ‘overnight’ success story, but it has taken many years to achieve.” Dr John Lasich, RayGen Founder and Executive Director.

RayGen’s website: www.raygen.com

About Walcha Energy

Walcha Energy is a partnership between Energy Estate and Mirus Wind to develop nearly 4,000MW of wind, solar and pumped hyrdo energy storage in the New England REZ. The Walcha Energy Project is the largest single renewable energy project being developed in the NEM.

The project is situated around the town of Walcha, located approximately 55km south of Armidale on the New England Tableland, in New South Wales, Australia.

Simon Corbell, Chief Advisor at Energy Estate commented, “Walcha Energy and RayGen are excited to be shortlisted by the NSW Government’s Emerging Energy Program.  Our partnership directly meets the NSW Government’s key policy objectives of delivering dispatchable, zero emissions energy from the development of priority Renewable Energy Zones. The addition of RayGen’s Solar Power Plant to the Walcha Energy Project’s portfolio of solar PV, wind and pumped hydro energy storage continues to enhance the project’s commitment to bringing innovation, job growth and reliable, dispatchable energy to the New England Region, NSW and the NEM.”

Walcha Energy’s website: www.walchaenergy.com.au

About NSW Emerging Energy Program

The $75 million Emerging Energy Program supports the development of innovative, large-scale electricity and storage projects in NSW. The program will help reduce barriers to investing in emerging technologies, supporting affordable, reliable and clean energy across the state.

Program website here: energy.nsw.gov.au/renewables/clean-energy-initiatives/emerging-energy-program

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