RayGen’s Solar Power Plant:
On Demand Electricity

The Solar Power Plant is an innovative combination of RayGen’s PV Ultra and Thermal Hydro storage technologies. Our solution offers dispatchable generation that can follow a baseload day-night demand curve and supports the grid via synchronous generation and the ability to respond to grid variability in seconds.

RayGen’s Solar Power Plant Project

We are in the early stages of development of a Solar Power Plant project in Australia.

This project will deliver a commercially competitive, dispatchable electricity product to market that will enhance the reliability and security of the electricity grid.

The system will be optimised to meet grid demand and will be tailored to complement the local generation and demand profile.

For more information on the current project, please contact us.

The Solar Power Plant is already cost-competitive with other energy storage projects in Australia

At large-scale (2,000MWh+), future RayGen’s Solar Power Plant projects will be a crucial part of the global energy transition, providing renewable generation with low-cost, long-duration storage; with the additional benefits of long asset life and low environmental impact.

RayGen’s Solar Power Plant Product Brochure

RayGen Solar Power Plant Product BrochureDownload

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