PV Ultra at a Glance

PV Ultra is a world-first concentrated photovoltaic solar power tower. A field of mirrors focus light onto a receiver atop a tower, similar to Concentrated Solar Power.

RayGen’s innovation is to focus the light directly onto our high efficiency, triple-junction photovoltaic modules – which convert the light directly to electricity. This approach is around double the efficiency of conventional methods and is consequently much lower cost.

The module, which heats up from the sun energy, is actively cooled using a closed-loop water system, generating hot water (heat) as a useful by-product. No water is consumed during this process, only minimal water for cleaning is required.

This heat can be used in multiple applications, including to offset gas in our co-generation application and cost-effectively store and dispatch electricity in our new Solar Power Plant system (see Thermal Hydro).

Why PV Ultra?

PV Ultra video by the Victorian Government: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

PV Ultra Product Brochure

20180920 RayGen September 2018 Brochure v3Download