Co-Generation of Heat and Electricity for Industry

RayGen’s PV Ultra co-generation product is available for Australian and international markets. RayGen offers solutions for commercial and industrial businesses who utilise large amounts of heat and electricity in their processing applications. The low-grade heat delivered by PV Ultra (<95˚ Celsius) can be used to cost-effectively offset natural gas and coal.

Businesses that are well-suited to our co-generation product include:

RayGen provides full turnkey installation of PV Ultra. Most PV Ultra systems are installed behind-the-meter and connected to our customer’s electricity and heating (e.g. gas boiler). PV Ultra electricity can also be connected to the grid.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product for your business.

PV Ultra Standard Configurations

See Product Specification Sheet
See Product Specification Sheet

PV Ultra fields are modular. Multiple PV Ultra fields can be installed to meet our customer’s energy requirements and land availability.

Co-Generation for District Heating

PV Ultra co-generation can also be used to cost-effectively supply renewable energy for district heating by providing centralised thermal generation for distribution to large district heating networks. Our PV Ultra specifications above are also relevant for district heating applications.