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RayGen’s CSPV tech gets USD 2.2m in ARENA funds

April 26 (SeeNews) – The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) said Tuesday it will help finance the commercialisation of an improved utility-scale concentrated solar photovoltaic (CSPV) technology.

ARENA is providing an AUD-2.9-million (USD 2.2m/EUR 2m) recoupable grant to Victoria-based RayGen Resources Pty Ltd, according to the press release. The Aussie solar product manufacturer will use the funds for the construction of a large-scale solar plant utilising its PV Ultra technology and to expand its manufacturing base for the products.
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Victorian solar project wins government grant to take its technology to world

A Victorian technology company striving to produce more efficient and cheaper solar power has won financial backing from the national renewable energy agency to expand its plans.

RayGen Resources, based in Melbourne, will receive a new $2.9 million government grant to help it commercialise what the company says is ground-breaking solar technology that has already received overseas interest.
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Improvements in sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency above 40 for direct sunlight and over 30 for global

ABSTRACT: The key to reducing photovoltaic costs is continual improvement in energy conversion efficiency. The most successful approach to increasing this efficiency is to split sunlight into spectral bands and use a dedicated solar cell to convert each band efficiently. Recently, we demonstrated sunlight to electricity conversion with confirmed efficiency above the 40% landmark for the first time, using a 287-cm2 aperture area sub-module, notably by innovative use of commercial III-V and silicon concentrator solar cells.

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Deakin to share in $16.2 million for next generation manufacturing in Victoria

RayGen Resources is amongst 22 manufacturers that will share in $31.6 million to boost their high value manufacturing capability as part of the Turnbull Government’s $90 million Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme.

The funding, offered under Round 2 of the programme, will help firms in Victoria and South Australia invest in technologically innovative, advanced manufacturing processes and increased production capacity.
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Lily DAmbrosio tweets about opening Newbridge pilot

Australia’s RayGen secures funds to manufacture concentrating PV technology

, Solar Choice 

Australian solar technology start-up RayGen has signed a $60 million equity and manufacturing deal to help accelerate a technology that it believes will generate $1 billion in sales by 2020.

The Melbourne-based RayGen is a developer of concentrated solar PV (CSPV) technology, which users computer‐controlled mirrors to direct a concentrated beam of sunlight onto ultra‐efficient solar semiconductor devices.

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Australian CSPV developer Raygen signs $60m deal in China

, Renew Australia 

Australian concentrated solar PV (CSPV) developer RayGen Resources says it has signed a $60 million investment and distribution agreement with Chinese company ZhouZhou Intense Solar.

Raygen, a Melbourne-based solar start-up that predicted in 2012 that it could bring the costs of utility-scale solar down to $60/MWH, says the agreement will see Intense Solar inject $2 million into the company and assemble Australian made components of the technology.

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Australia’s RayGen says CPV can deliver at $60/MWh

, Renew Australia 

A new Australian solar start-up predicts that its concentrated solar photovoltaic technology (CPV) will undercut both conventional flat plate solar PV technologies and fossil fuel technologies.

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