About Us

RayGen Resources Pty Ltd is a solar technology business with world leading capability in the new generation of solar power.

RayGen’s mission is to deliver the most commercially attractive solar energy solution for renewable customers everywhere.

With this in mind, the RayGen team led by Dr John Lasich conceived the design for its signature, ground-breaking product, PV Ultra, the only tower-mounted concentrated photovoltaic technology available. In addition to generating the most efficient and cost-effective solar electricity, PV Ultra also delivers the lowest cost renewable heat.

Seven years after its inception, RayGen now employs 30 staff across engineering, manufacturing and sales roles to become one of the largest renewable energy manufacturers in Australia. RayGen has received various awards for its innovations in the field of solar energy, including:

  • World Record for solar system efficiency of 40.4%, achieved with UNSW and accredited by NREL
  • Gold Prize for the International Cleantech Cluster Awards, 2015
  • Victorian Governor’s Export Award, 2015

The RayGen solar power system has already been deployed in two 200kW pilot systems and a third site will be commissioned by Q1 2018.

RayGen also has a 25MW p.a. manufacturing facility in Blackburn, Victoria (commissioned Q1 2018, currently 8MW p.a.), and an exciting future pipeline that will see the technology rolled out at industrial facilities around the world.

Organisation Profiles

Jorn Hammer

Chief Executive Officer

Jorn Hammer started as the Chief Executive Officer of RayGen in 2017 and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to renewable energy, including over 15 years in senior executive roles with Vestas Wind, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.

Jorn, a Senior Vice President at Vestas, was asked to lead the commercial part of the Vestas global turnaround, and was responsible for developing the commercial part of the global strategy, guiding the product development towards a commercial mindset and changing the frontline of the business to have the value add to the customer in mind. This resulted in the global order intake to triple in a single year.

Jorn then became Managing Director of Vestas in India, including the full value chain from research and development, supply chain and manufacturing, right through to front line and long-term service business. This reaffirmed Vestas as the leading brand in the marketplace for the manufacture of wind turbines, establishing them as a market-leader in the minds of key political decision-makers.

Since leaving Vestas, Jorn has founded a renewable energy start-up in Melbourne and an energy consulting business, Emendo Energy.

Dr. John Lasich

Chief Technology Officer

John Lasich is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and founder of Raygen Resources Pty Ltd.

Dr Lasich brings over 35 years’ experience in the energy sector, including more than 25 years in concentrated solar. He has overseen installation of eight large scale, high efficiency photovoltaic systems.

Dr Lasich received his PhD in reflective concentrated PV solar power systems from the University of Victoria. He has authored many patents and papers, including publishing several Firsts, such as for the world record solar system efficiency of 40.4%, in collaboration with the UNSW. John is a member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards committee for concentrator systems. Dr Lasich is a Distinguished Alumnus of Victoria University.