250kW Commercial Plant
Newbridge, Victoria (2015)

The first deployment of RayGen’s PV Ultra technology in Newbridge, Victoria, was commissioned in 2015 and has over 30 months of operating data.

The PV Ultra tower is retailing electricity behind-the-meter to a large agribusiness in central Victoria, Australia.

The Newbridge site consists of:

Our Newbridge site is an important source of data to track real-world performance. It is also used as a test site for updates in the control software underlying the current R1-0.2MWe and the R3-1.0MWe.

RayGen’s PV Ultra utilises a sophisticated closed-loop tracking system to focus sunlight onto the tower-mounted PV receiver

500kW Plant Expansion
Newbridge, Victoria (2018)´╗┐

RayGen has expanded the PV Ultra site at Newbridge to match the expansion of our agribusiness customer in central Victoria. The deployment uses fully-qualified modules from RayGen’s upgraded 25MWAC p.a. manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

The Newbridge expansion consists of:

The system is operating at an excellent availability, averaging over 98% availability during sun hours. During operation, we regularly meet or exceed our nameplate capacity.

´╗┐RayGen’s Newbridge Expansion
Availability and Performance graph