RayGen’s PV Ultra heralds the future of solar power, utilising the entire sunlight spectrum with world-record electrical efficiency, least cost mirror collectors and high value by-product heat.

RayGen’s PV Ultra technology delivers low cost solar electricity and heat. The dispatchable heat addresses a white space in the renewable energy market – industrial thermal solar energy supplied at a lower cost than natural gas. In areas where there is no local heat requirement, the heat can be transformed into low cost freshwater production (using multi-effect distillation), district chilling (using absorption chillers) and electricity storage (using a solution developed internally).

The Australian manufactured product has been designed to produce more revenue products for the same installed capacity with upgrade flexibility for a longer lifetime.

RayGen Resources Pty Ltd comprises a team of 30 employees across engineering, manufacturing and sales, cumulative deployment of approx. 3MW (1MW of electricity and 2MW of thermal heat), a production capacity for 75MW p.a. and a World Record for Solar System Efficiency with UNSW.


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