Leading the way with next generation solar power

RayGen pioneers PV Ultra, an innovative, next generation combination of high-efficiency solar cells and low-cost mirrors. The Australian designed and manufactured technology heralds the future of solar power, combining unprecedented efficiency, lower costs, the possibility to produce both electricity and heat, and the option to locally manufacture the majority of the components. 

PV Ultra’s future-proof technology delivers clear cost, installation, maintenance and efficiency advantages over conventional Silicon Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), with the potential to use the by-product heat for additional revenue and a wider product range.

Seven years after its inception, RayGen Resources Pty Ltd comprises a team of 30 employees across engineering, manufacturing and sales, three operating facilities (two at full performance, one commissioning by Q1 2018), production capacity for 25MW p.a. (beginning Q1 2018, currently 8MW p.a.) and a World Record for Solar System Efficiency with UNSW. RayGen has received ongoing investment and support from many private and public investors, including A$4.8m from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and A$2m from the New Energy Jobs Fund in 2017.