RayGen’s PV Ultra heralds the future of solar power – going beyond intermittent electricity to produce solar-powered heating, cooling, desalination and dispatchable electricity.

RayGen’s PV Ultra technology is an innovative solar power architecture combining low-cost solar collection (via heliostats) and high efficiency solar conversion (using triple-junction cell technology from the satellite industry). PV Ultra’s solar module is actively cooled using a closed-loop water system, generating hot water (heat) as a useful by-product.

The co-generation of electricity and dispatchable heat is a breakthrough in renewable energy that expands the market applications of solar power. PV Ultra’s by-product heat can be integrated directly into industrial heating processes and district heating networks, or transformed using existing commercial technologies into desalinated freshwater, industrial chilling and dispatchable electricity.

With our New Solar Power Plant, RayGen will transform the economics of electricity storage using PV Ultra and Thermal Hydro.

RayGen’s Solar Power Plant is a ground-breaking solution that provides large-scale, long-duration, cost-effective electricity storage. The system utilises two innovative technologies – PV Ultra and Thermal Hydro – that, combined, will completely change the economics of solar storage.

The Solar Power Plant uses PV Ultra’s by-product heat to boost the round-trip efficiency of Thermal Hydro storage. Thermal Hydro is an innovative alternative to Pumped Hydro, with fewer siting limitations. Thermal Hydro stores energy as a temperature difference between two insulated water reservoirs. Thermal Hydro’s 90⁰C temperature difference stores equivalent electrical energy to a Pumped Hydro system with a height difference of 1,000m. The stored energy is converted back to electricity using a turbine.