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About Us

RayGen is an Australia-based solar technology business. Our corporate mission is to use innovative technological solutions to provide cheap, clean and renewable energy for people all over the world.

Our technical team is a mix of engineers from a wide variety of disciplines, all committed to using the best features of other technologies to create a new generation of solar power technology, unconstrained by the limitations that constrain other forms of solar power. Working in collaboration with the University of NSW, our engineers have already achieved the world record for efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity.

The RayGen solar power system has already been deployed in two 200kW pilot systems: one in Newbridge, Australia, and one in Hebei province in China.

Our task now is to turn RayGen’s world-leading technology into a commercially viable system that can produce electricity at a lower cost than burning fossil fuels. We believe we’re well on the way to achieving this lofty ambition, and to giving humankind its best and most efficient mechanism to harness the power of the sun and to provide cheap and clean energy for all.